iBelieve – Ein digitales Forschungsprojekt

What it’s about 

iBelieve is a performative experiment that takes the shape of an app: a 30-day inner and outer journey through non-mystical rituals that are tailored to you, your preferences, and your individual profile. It’s a mixture of sensual experiences, memories, and playful challenges that pave the way to a unique spiritual practice. iBelieve will lead you to create a personal form of spiritual practice. The app will guide you for 30 days to explore the world around and inside you through different performative practices.

Where do I sign up as a tester/ experiment participant

On ibelieveapp.com you will find all the necessary info about how to be part of our project.

Who are we

We are an independent collective of Romanian artists Elena Morar, Ilinca Hărnuț and Diana Miron, who specialize in performing arts. iBelieve is designed by Glitch Shop and developed by Cristian Stănescu. The project is realized within the framework of “Face to Faith” and made possible by the Sommerblut Cultural Festival in Cologne.

Why you need to be at the Sommerblut Festival, on the 22nd of May

The performative installation combines a sound performance and access to this app. Visual material makes visible a collection of thoughts, actions, images,and loci of an absent collective. It is a perspective on the world that the users of this app have shared with us during their iBelieve-journey.


We are grateful for the invaluable help and contribution of professor Martina Leeker and her students from the Artistic Research seminar (University of Cologne): Maxima Schonhoff, Jana Sadlowski, Lia Kourti.


22. Mai 2022
16-19:00 Uhr

Nathalie Commandeur