Mapping Post-Internet Art

This cartography is part of the research project „Post-Internet Arts Education Research“ at the Institute of Art and Art Theory, University of Cologne. The project focusses on conceptual and theoretical foundations of Post-Internet Art as art under conditions of post-digital culture. It aims to explore Post-Internet Art in its theoretical affiliations, which is differentiated and substantiated by interviews with artists and analyses of selected artworks.

The mapping you can see here was used to initially identify central topics within the Post-Internet field. It maps group exhibitions and major publications referring to Post-Internet Art from 2009-2020 by compiling exhibitions mentioning one or more keywords (such as Post-Internet, after the internet, internet aware, etc.) and exhibitions discussed in relevant publications on Post-Internet Art (e.g. Kholeif 2014, Bühler 2015, Cornell/Halter 2015, Gronlund 2017, Respini 2018 etc.). In the further course of the mapping, exhibitions were also added that do not explicitly refer to terms such as Post-Internet and Post-Digital, but primarily address questions of art and digitalization in their entanglement and beyond technocentricity.

Authors: Kristin Klein & Eva Klein, University of Cologne, Germany

Cite: Kristin Klein & Eva Klein (2021). Mapping of Exhibitions in the Field of Post-Internet Art, 2009-2020. Post-Internet Arts Education Research, University of Cologne, Germany. Online: DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.16679.83367